Wealth-building Pillars:
Synergy! The term itself commands attention! You’ve probably read about the amazing financial benefits of creating synergy in business, or perhaps you may have experienced the power of this scientifically-proven “phenomenon” firsthand. The term synergy comes from the Greek words synergia (meaning “working together”). In modern times, synergy has been defined as “the interaction of multiple elements in a system to produce an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects.”
THREE  primary wealth-building pillars:
These three primary pillars create a balanced and synergistic approach - the “Power of 3” - to building a thriving and sustainable wellness business. And when it comes to successful living, what better foundation to build on than personal wellness, wealth and purpose! Now you can create synergy and multiple streams of income with the TriVita Compensation Plan and TriVita Business Model by leveraging a simple but profound wealth-building strategy that harnesses the Power of 3..
We invite you reclaim your future and begin your journey toward personal wellness, wealth and purpose, starting today. Take control... and experience the  TriVita Difference!
As a TriVita Business Owner, you will be in business for yourself but never by yourself. The company is dedicated to your success by providing you access to superior quality personal wellness products and all of the business training tools and support you need to grow a successful wellness business.
TriVita’s time-tested business model with a 15-year track record of success could profoundly impact your life by helping you reach your full physical and financial
potential. And with our easy to use business support system, you can fast-track your TriVita wellness business from day ONE! Your dedicated support center includes:
A simple back office management system to track your compensation and to ensure you receive all corporate communications immediately.
Plus our FREE Online Business Center and web applications offer complete mobility so you can stay connected almost anywhere!
And your FREE customized personal Online Wellness Store, turn-key social media tools, business-building tools and Internet marketing systems to help generate
multiple revenue streams.
1. Acquiring contacts and customers through your personal referral efforts and interaction.
2. Acquiring media contacts and potential customers through our Media Acquisition Program.
3. Recruiting Independent  Business Owners to do the same as above.