Wellness is a journey. It brings us energy. It clarifies our sense of purpose. It makes us whole.
TriVita is dedicated to quality. Providing you with the products you need to achieve greater wellness is a tremendous responsibility - it's one we take very seriously. That's why we developed, and rigorously follow, a strict adherence to a code of quality, integrity and innovation..
The best way to achieve greater wellness is to include a regimen of foundational products to supply your body with the right kinds of basic building blocks. Help revitalize and sustain every aspect of your health, on a daily basis, with TriVita products.

Greater wellness ... itís such a desirable thing.  With it, you feel better, perform better, and enjoy life more than ever, too.

Greater wellness is not just about physical health. Itís also about your emotional health, your spiritual health and your financial wealth as well.  Your greater wellness is the reason for our twofold mission at TriVita. First, we want to inspire and help people like you experience greater overall wellness. And second, we want to give people like you the opportunity to create wealth for your life purposes. Everything we do is based on this mission, and is designed to benefit you.

To help you reach greater wellness, in all of its forms, we have carefully created two types of vital support for you.

The Right Information - We have the insightful kind of wellness information you need. And you can access it through our publications, our email reports and our online Wellness Center, which features an extensive library of videos, audio talks, written articles, interactive tools and real world wellness stories from real people. All of this provided because we want you to achieve the greater wellness you deserve.
The Right Products - Our products are the right ones for your greater health because of the special care we put into them. Following our 10 Foundational Values, all of our products feature physician-approved formulas, unique nutrient delivery methods, purest natural ingredients and third-party testing and certification. This is the type of quality you can trust, and itís backed by our 60-day complete satisfaction guarantee.

We look forward to helping you on your journey to greater wellness and a better life. Pursue wellness with passion...
Two great companies. Two similar paths to wellness. One worthy mission. In August 2012, Amazon Herb and TriVita joined together to promote the message of wellness and sustainability of the rainforest to a global audience of wellness seekers and environmentalists.
Now all of your favorite Amazon Herb products are available on TriVita.com. Formulated with prized ingredients from the rainforest, our Amazon Herb line of nutritional and skin care products can help you experience greater wellness!
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