Are you looking for a business opportunity that offers flexibility, customization and unlimited growth potential? With wellness products that are scientifically-validated, easy to share, and presented via an online platform? And with no start-up fees? Look no further than TriVita.
When you become an Independent TriVita Business Owner (ITBO) we will provide you with: Your own customizable Online Wellness Store, access to a variety of business tools in your virtual back office and the ability to provide non-GMO nutritious meals to children in Africa with our LeanForward charitable program.
Who doesn’t love to shop? That’s why TriVita is providing you with the opportunity to create your own Online Wellness Store “OWS”. OWS is a web savvy marketing vehicle that allows you to promote TriVita products to your customers in an instant, through our Online Wellness Store that can be custom-fit to your preferences. Each time you start a conversation about your business, simply direct people to your OWS site. You provide your customers a pleasant shopping experience, convenient to their schedule, on a website branded with your personal vision, mission, favorite products, and more!
No matter your background or experience we are confident that this TriVita Opportunity is custom-made for you. In fact, when you become a TriVita ITBO we’ll help you find the resources to achieve greater wellness, fulfill your life purposes and our generous compensation plan will reward you for sharing wellness with others.
Everything you need to get started TODAY!
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Independent TriVita Business Owner
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Additionally, you can leverage the power of our unique “GX-30” Media Acquisition Program and branded advertising model - your competitive edge in a media-driven world. This time-tested model has been generating monthly income for TriVita Business Owners for over a decade!
With the GX-30 program, you can acquire media contacts directly from TriVita, and position yourself to earn revenue from customers generated by the company’s television, radio, print, direct mail and internet advertising efforts. TriVita’s time-tested approach to business and successful living creates synergy between the company and TriVita Business Owners-who work together to acquire media contacts and customers that could generate weekly cash flow and monthly residual income for you!
Get started immediately: no experience necessary, no special skills required. Enrollment is FREE. PLUS: There are no employees or employee taxes to deal with... and stocking inventory and handling product is not required!
At TriVita, we know that OUR success as a company is based on YOUR success as a TriVita Business Owner. So rest assured that TriVita will be there to support you - every step of the way!
We invite you reclaim your future and begin your journey toward personal wellness, wealth and purpose, starting today. Take control... and experience the TriVita Difference!
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Welcome to a community of greater wellness.
Everything about you is unique. Shouldn't your plan for wellness be too?
When it comes to creating a plan for whole-person-wellness there is no one size fits all. That's why TriVita Shield is all about the unique you. Through a clinically validated assessment of your genetics, medical, family history and lifestyle we can help you create a Personalized Healthy Living Plan™ tailored to your precise health needs and goals. Add individualized coaching and you've got a complete plan for personalized wellness!
Your path to wellness starts with you taking control.